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Forging Pathways to Success

At Huarte Appeals we understand that the practice of appellate law is complex and nuanced. We specialize in handling appeals and writs and we work closely with clients to develop a comprehensive and powerful strategy for success, given the unique facts of each case. 

Civil Appeals and Writs 

We help our clients navigate the procedural rules and legal standards that apply to writs and appeals. We handle all aspects of the appeal or petition for writ whether in California State Court of Appeal or in the Ninth Circuit. This includes analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of an appeal, deciding whether to appeal, filing notice of appeal, creating the record, writing the briefs and presenting the oral argument. Additionally, we handle opposing appeals or petitions filed by the other side. Our experience is wide and varied and covers areas such as negligence, premises liability, breach of contract, insurance bad faith, employment, intentional torts, attorneys fees, arbitrability, and more. We have a strong track record of success, with more than 30 years of experience representing clients for civil appeals. If there is a way to win, Huarte Appeals will find it. 


Pre-appeal services are a critical component of the appeals process. Our goal is to understand our client's legal objectives and develop a comprehensive strategy. We advise trial lawyers and clients directly about what to expect should the other side file an appeal. We also provide high-quality legal research and direction about how to preserve issues for appeal or how to avoid an appeal. In special instances, we will research, write and prepare more complex motions and oppositions for trial lawyers at case-defining junctures of a superior court matter, i.e., summary judgment, demurrer, choice-of-law, removal to or remand from federal court, anti-SLAPP, motion for attorney fees, mediation, motions/oppositions regarding arbitration clauses, etc. Our extensive legal expertise and practical skills guide you through the appeals process to ensure that your rights are protected and your legal needs are met.


Highlights of Success On Appeal

Butler v. Bell Helicopter Textron

Secured victory in published case, by writing all briefs on behalf of the surviving families and reversing summary judgment. Resulted in improved aircraft safety standards.

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